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Baby photos, when is a good age to have my baby photography session?

So you’re thinking of having your baby photographed but not sure when is the right time for you.

Let me show you baby photographs taken at different stages during the first 12 months to help you decide when is right for you.

What sort of images do you want to treasure forever?

Do you love the tiny size of a newborn emphasised by lying in dad’s arms. Then these are usually taken when baby is 5-14 days old. At this age we can capture your soundly sleeping baby images, especially calming and relaxing when displayed on the nursery wall.

Newborn Baby photography

Newborn Baby photography

around 2 weeks old

If the first 2 weeks have flashed by faster that you ever thought possible or you never thought about baby photography until you saw your friends beautiful images, then at 3 - 4 months we will have gorgeous eye contact and giggles to photograph.

Any stage is ideal to show family interaction with the new arrival, big brother and sister should be photographed too, you’ll soon forget how small baby really was.

Baby photography

Baby photography

3-4 months old

The changes in your baby are fast and if your baby is now 6 - 7 months old then we can capture a different time. Lots of smiles, rolling, feet grabbing, sucking toes, holding toys and chewing!

Baby photography

Baby photography

6-7 months

If your baby is around 8-9 months old when we meet, we'll be on the move and chasing lots and lots. At this age your baby may be crawling and moving and most importantly sitting.

I'm sitting

I'm sitting

baby photography 8-9 months

Then we reach the first birthday, not to be missed.

Your baby may be standing holding onto things, walking or even running around. As with all baby photography bookings I’ll have spoken to you in advance and know what sort of images you are hoping to capture and plan the time accordingly but then…..I’ll keep a huge amount of flexibility and let your child lead me.

Books, toys, snacks, in the nursery, out in the garden, bubbles, outfit changes, we'll have them all ready.

Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can

first birthday baby photography

I'm not forgetting you.

There will be nothing better that flicking through your album in years to come and seeing just how you were as a family at that moment in time. Even if it's just a few images with yourself your child will love that in the future. 

Baby photography with family

Baby photography with family

So as you can see baby photos can be taken anytime!

There you have it, an illustrated guide to what kind of images each baby stage will produce to help you decide when to have your own baby photography session. Each and every baby will develop at different stages but I photograph babies at all ages and whatever stage they're at we’ll capture images for you to display proudly.

Pop over to my website and take a look through the Newborn galleries to see more from the photo shoots above.

I’d love to hear from you if this is the kind of lifestyle based baby photography you would like to have for your own family.


Yvonne Mitchell

Baby Photography Session Fee £155.

Photobooks from £160.

Wall Art from £145.

Online password protected Gallery to show all the images, included. Prints purchased via the online gallery from £15 each.

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