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What is Party Girl?

A professional photoshoot experience for your teenage daughter to celebrate her 13th, 14th, 15th or 16th birthday along with 4 of her best friends. The photoshoot is capped at 5, including the birthday girl, this is due to the time and space available. You’ll find this makes ‘Party Girl’ an exclusive experience just for the birthday girl and their closest friends. I then have enough time to concentrate on the girls and ensure they have enough individual attention from me.

She will have her own phone 'app' of the very best images from the whole shoot.

She will also receive a large printed poster for herself and a mounted image for each friend.

And of course she will take away a great confidence boost and a truly memorable shared experience with her best friends.

What happens at a Party girl photoshoot experience?

You arrive with your daughter and her friends at my studio, in my house in Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

When you hand me all the completed consent forms I'll get the girls prepared for their experience. You can then relax and join the laughter with a coffee while I guide the girls through the next 2 hours.

As the girls have arrived ready in their first outfit, their Prom / Party look we'll get started with that. They'll look great with their hair and makeup all done by themselves. I’ll start to photograph the whole group followed by individual images of each girl. As we’re all in the same studio space, there will be much posing and laughter already!

Then they change into outfit 2 - Casual. Perhaps redo their hair into another style. Then I’ll photograph the same way - the whole group followed by individual images of each girl.

Finally it’s all change into outfit 3 - Onsies.

Once the final photographs are taken, they're done! I’ll then help you to gather all the girls and their belongings together and let you take them onto the next part of your daughter's birthday celebrations.

Where is the 'Party Girl' photoshoot?

Only available in my professional home studio in Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

For the time being I'm unable to offer 'Party Girl' in your own home or outdoors on location.

When can I have a ‘Party Girl' - Photoshoot?

The best thing to do here is to contact me for availability. Generally I’m finding Friday evening and Saturday afternoons are the best times as the girls often go out for birthday tea afterwards or even onto a birthday sleepover. A different date in mind? Call me and we’ll see what we can do.

Why do you need permission slips from my daughter’s friends?

It’s an ‘in this day and age’ thing. I would rather work with children that I know have their parent’s permission and blessing to be photographed in this fun environment. To make this easy for us both I will provide you with invitations and permission slips. You will hand those out and collect the Permission slips back from each invited friend. On the shoot day bring the slips with you. Remember I need to receive a signed slip for each girl present before we shoot.

What does my daughter need to bring with her?

Several changes of clothes!

We have time for 3 outfits within the 2 hour shoot. I would suggest : Prom / Party clothes, Casual and Onesies. They may choose something seasonal - Xmas jumpers, summer beachwear or even a team kit if they are all in the same team. The girls should have some input here, let me know what they are thinking.

The girls will arrive in outfit 1, their party / prom outfit with their hair and makeup done just as they would like. This allows me to get started pretty quickly and make the most of our time together. The girls will then change into the next outfit and so on.

Oh and they should bring an open mind for a new adventure and a fun experience with their best friends.

Do you provide the props I see in your images?

Yes but feel free to add your own ideas. I have a number of props including balloons, confetti, party poppers, flower garlands etc that will be available but I would positively encourage your daughter and her friends to chat and see how they would personalise the session to them. I find that their ideas are mostly great and this really personalises the shoot to them. Just run your ideas by me in advance so I can ensure they are safe and appropriate!

What do you provide on the day?

Professional studio environment and equipment Female photographer, that’s me! Gentle guidance on posing, if the girls need it - often they don't!

Juice for the girls, as it can get warm with all that posing oh and sweets to keep them going!

Will you provide hair and makeup expertise?

I asked the girls in my focus group when I was researching this new offering and I found they are quite confident in doing their own hair and makeup and indeed really enjoy helping each other. So I'll take their advice and hair and makeup is not included.

Can I stay at the photoshoot?

Yes, in fact I need you to stay. It’s a requirement that the birthday girl’s mum/parent is present at all times.

As much as I love a party, I’m afraid that’s just not possible to have all the mum's staying due to space constraints. The 'Party Girl' experience is focused on the girls and I need to accommodate them all in the studio space at the same time.

Will the girls get something to eat and drink?

Yes, it can be warm! I’ll happily provide juice/squash and some sweets.

Do you supply party bags?

From my research with this age group, I’m finding that they don’t want them so I’ll take their advice but you can of course add this yourself, if you wish.

Do you provide a birthday cake?

It has been asked for in the past and I am happy to provide a mini cake or cupcake so the girls can be photographed with the cake and a little candle. It will be small and simple but fresh! If you would like a mini cake let me know in advance and I will provide this and happily let you take it home afterwards. Should you wish to provide a larger cake to be photographed with the girls that’s fine with me, again advance notification would help me and save me buying extra cake! You can obviously take your own cake away with you afterwards for the girls to enjoy later.

What do the girls get to take home at the end of the party?

They will take home the memories of a fantastic fun shared experience with their closest friends. Any props you have brought along can go home with them too. As I use a professional lab, rather than home printing I will not have printed photographs ready for them to leave with on the day, that will follow and make the experience last that bit longer!

How do we see the images after the shoot?

If possible, I'll arrange a time for you and your daughter to come back and view the images, usually within 1 week of the shoot.

During this Viewing time the birthday girl will be able to choose her favourite group image that I will have professionally printed for her participating friends. She can also choose the image she would like made into a poster for herself.

You will also be able to order any additional prints, wall frames etc.

You will also receive the personalised app from the shoot with your very best images. Your daughter can then share this with you, her friends and family and of course on social media.

Your pro gallery will then go live on my website. The shopping facility will be switched on for ordering prints for 7 days. I will share the link and password with you and I’ll leave it with you to share the details with her friends.

Should we not find a suitable time to meet we can cover the above via the website, phone calls and e-mails.

How much does it cost?


This includes:

2 hours with me in the studio, and a follow up viewing session.

One large group poster, professionally printed, for the birthday girl.

One group photograph, professionally printed and mounted, for each girl participating in the ‘Party Girl Photoshoot Experience’.

A personalised app for their mobile devices.

Additionally, you all have access to your own password protected Pro Gallery on my website for viewing and the option to purchase further prints, if you like.

Payment is due when you book a date and time. I accept the major credit and debit cards as well as bank transfer if you use online banking. Your payment will hold the date and time for you and is non refundable.

Are there additional costs after the experience?

The only additional costs will be if you wish to purchase more end products such as prints, photo books, wall art etc.

Can I buy additional images after the shoot?

Yes via an online, password protected pro gallery on my website. Online print prices for 'Party Girl' are lower than my family photography sessions so they girls and their families can purchase photographs at a reasonable cost. They are only available at this price when ordered online within 7 days.

£13 Extra Large (12x8)

£9 Large (10x8)

£6 Medium (7x5)

£5 Small (6x4)

A small amount is added to your shopping cart to cover the post and packaging costs. You make payment online and the photographs will be posted to you directly from the pro lab.

How do I book?

Phone: 07525 788709

There is limited availability so please get in touch as soon as you have a date in mind. I’ll be very happy to answer your extra questions and have a chat if you’re still thinking it through.

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