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How to Prepare your Property for Photography

Your property will most likely be making its first impression online with prospective buyers and the way to grab their attention is with great photographs.  For the buyer to imagine themselves in your property you will need to prepare it, there’s quite a few things on the list to cover off but it’s worth it to grab their attention.

Tidy and de clutter like never before!

  • Exterior property photography
  • Exterior property photography
  • Exterior property photography

6 Things To Do To Prepare The Outside of Your Property

This is often the cover photograph to be used online and in your schedule, so make an impact and catch the eye of that perfect buyer.

1. Cut the grass

2. Tidy away the hosepipe, bikes and kids toys

3. Remove the car from the driveway

4. Wash the windows

5. Move the bins away

6. Arrange any garden furniture neatly and add the cushions and maybe the umbrella if the weather is lovely.

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6 Things To Do To Prepare All The Rooms Inside

1. Open all the curtains and blinds to allow the natural light to flood in.

2. Hoover all the carpets.

3. Sweep and mop all hard floors.

4. De clutter and remove your personal family photographs from the walls.

5.Dust, wipe and clean all the surfaces.

6. If necessary, re arrange the furniture to make the most of the room.

Now that you have completed the general steps I've 5  more specific tasks for you to complete to get the main rooms in your property ready for the photographs.

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5 Steps to Prepare the Kitchen

1. Remove or hide the bin

2. Remove tea towels and oven gloves from view

3. Remove all the magnets / children’s art work or invitations from the fridge door

4. Put away all the dishes, the dish washing liquid and the rubber gloves

5. Remove pet items such as litter tray / water and food bowls / toys and beds

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5 Steps to Prepare your Lounge and Sitting Rooms

1. Remove magazines / books / remote controls.

2. Plump and arrange the cushions on the sofa.

3. Remove or fold blankets and throws.

4. Straighten the curtains.

5.Remove or hide DVDs and kids toys.

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  • Interior Photography

5 Steps to Prepare your Bedrooms

1. Remove personal items and declutter the bedside tables.

2. Make the bed with the most co-ordinated duvet covers you have and arrange the pillows.

3. Remove your clothes and laundry.

4. Remove dressing gowns from the back of the door.

5. Make sure anything stored under the bed is right under and out of sight or better still remove it for the photographs.

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5 Steps to Prepare your Bathrooms and Ensuites

1. Clear all bottles from the shower eg shower gel / shampoo etc.

2. Clear away the toothbrushes and hand wash.

3. Close the toilet lid.

4. Remove the scales.

5. Remove the cleaning bottles from behind the toilet.

I know it sounds a lot but it’s really really worth it as your property is trying to catch the attention of it’s next owner and you want it to make a great first impression.

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